FloSonix uses a controlled flow of heated air to methodically dehydrate all lice eggs, leaving them incapable of continuing the life cycle. 

FloSonix technology successfully desiccates all lice eggs on the scalp and hair shaft. 

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The FloSonix Device


The FloSonix device is truly ovicidal, unlike most chemical over-the-counter and prescription methods


Just one 30 minute FloSonix treatment destroys all lice eggs on the scalp and hair. 


Smart Technology embedded in the FloSonix device ensures that air flow and temperature settings remain accurate and effective. It also offers comprehensive device usage reports useful for the business owner. 


Safe and Non-Toxic

Use of the FloSonix device in conjunction with FloSonix Lice Treatment Solution is the safest and most effective method of eradicating head lice. Lice have developed resistance to the chemicals in toxic over-the-counter and prescription products. Our Lice Treatment Solution kills adult bugs and the FloSonix device dehydrates the eggs.

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Head Lice Treatment Solution

Prior to the use of the FloSonix device, patients apply FloSonix Lice Treatment Solution. The non-toxic, physician formulated solution suffocates and kills all live bugs. This is a necessary step prior to the FloSonix treatment in order to reduce cross contamination.

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