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Twelve years ago, FloSonix founder and CEO Sheila Fassler launched Pediatric Hair Solutions, a head treatment clinic. After several years of using less sophisticated heated air devices in her growing health care practice, Sheila, a registered nurse, created a device that improves the efficacy of heated air treatment and offers advanced technological capabilities. The device, named FloSonix in reference to its controlled flow of heated air, is revolutionizing the future of head lice treatment for business owners and their clients.


FloSonix is the leading head lice treatment device that eradicates lice on sight. The device works heated air through the hair in a timed and specific pattern. This pattern successfully destroys all lice eggs in one visit. Within 30 minutes of treatment, an individual can go back to their routine immediately. 

The FloSonix device provides a rapid, non-toxic, and safe way to treat all head lice infestations. It uses heated air to methodically dehydrate all lice eggs, leaving them incapable of continuing their life cycle. This device will successfully desiccate all eggs on the scalp and hair shaft. 

When it comes to treating lice, there are many options in the market. Unlike  over the counter treatments and traditional prescription shampoos that can take multiple washes and contain harmful ingredients, FloSonix is a safe and non-toxic way to treat head lice. It is also one of the few options that only takes 30 minutes to completely clear your scalp of infestation. FloSonix was developed by licensed health care professionals. This device can also provide detailed usage reports for business owners. 

Due to its success in this field, you are no longer limited to visiting a Pediatric Hair Solutions clinic to enjoy the benefits of using the FloSonix machine. Simply reach out to our team for lease quotes and specific details. Our team of experienced staff looks forward to assisting you at any point in your use of the FloSonix machine. 

Due to the more consistent appointment times your clinic will be able to accept more clients and schedule more appointments. Plus, our unparalleled customer service cannot be beat! We are here to help you succeed.

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