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The Official Press Release Launching Heated Air Device to Treat Head Lice

FloSonix Ventures Launches High-Tech Heated Air Device to Treat Lice Infestation
FloSonix Device Now Available for Lease to Lice Treatment Businesses

Charlotte, NC – Today, FloSonix Ventures , a durable medical equipment company, launched
the FloSonix device, a sophisticated heated air device used to treat head lice infestation in
children and adults. The device was created by licensed healthcare professionals and is over
99% effective at eliminating lice eggs on the scalp, making it far more effective than
conventional treatments such as chemical shampoos and hand combing. The FloSonix device
was previously available only in Pediatric Hair Solutions clinics, but as of today, the device is
available for lease by eligible individuals and businesses.

The FloSonix device works by directing a controlled stream of heated air onto the scalp. The
heated air desiccates (dehydrates) all lice eggs on the scalp, ensuring that they are unable to
hatch and continue the infestation. Unlike other heated air devices that treat head lice, the
FloSonix device contains built-in smart technology that monitors the temperature and flow of air,
as well as provides comprehensive device usage reports. While lice continue to develop
resistance to toxic chemical treatments, the FloSonix device remains safe and extremely

“We are very pleased to offer the FloSonix device for lease to lice treatment businesses around
the country,” said FloSonix Ventures founder and CEO, registered nurse Sheila Fassler.
“FloSonix is revolutionizing the future of head lice treatment, and this development will improve
efficiency and revenue for many small businesses.”

There may be other heated air devices on the market, but the FloSonix device is the clear
choice. “Our state-of-the-art technology, affordable pricing, and quality customer service are
what set us apart,” said Dana Buffo, COO of FloSonix Ventures. “The device has been used
successfully in Pediatric Hair Solutions clinics for some time now, and we are proud to offer our
device to other clinics as well, so that they too can make use of the best heated air device
available today.”

About FloSonix Ventures: In 2010, FloSonix Ventures founder and CEO Sheila Fassler
created Pediatric Hair Solutions, a head lice treatment clinic. As PHS expanded to include
several clinics across the Southeastern US, Sheila grew frustrated with the limitations of the
commonly used heated air device. She began brainstorming ideas for a new, more effective
device, and in 2018, launched FloSonix Ventures. The FloSonix device is manufactured in the
US and is currently pending FDA approval.

The FloSonix device is now available for lease. There are no upfront territory fees, and FloSonix
Ventures offers flat monthly pricing. For details, please contact:

Dana Buffo, COO
[email protected]

For more information, please complete the contact form below.

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