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FloSonix Head Lice Removal Device

If you have ever heard the dreaded words Head Lice, your first thought is, I hope my kids don’t get it, your second thought is, if we do get it, how do we safely treat it. For Sheila Fassler, an RN for over 36 years, who worked at her children’s elementary school, decided to figure out a solution to this problem, should it ever occur. With healthcare at the forefront of her solution she started her research.

After building a successful clinic business, her and a team of medical professionals began creating a heated lice removal machine. Understanding patient care helped develop this device while featuring revolutionary technology. The FloSonix device is a very sophisticated heated lice removal machine that has changed the lice industry. Its widely known that natural, over the counter and prescription products are ineffective. Our treatment is effective because it is a physical eradication, not chemical. There is no way you can become resistant to physical changes.

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