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The Freedom of the FloSonix System

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Are you looking to open a professional head lice business or take your current one to the next level? Joining a head lice removal franchise may seem like the next best move, but they can bring their own set backs with them. The freedom of the FloSonix System has all the benefits of a franchise with none of the strict requirements. 

FloSonix vs. Franchise


The cost to join a head lice franchise can be crippling. Sure a franchise comes with tons of support and a well known name, but you could have that without the steep fees. FloSonix offers one low upfront cost and no extra territory fees. A franchise also requires you to pay ongoing royalty and usage fees. At FloSonix we offer one flat monthly leasing fee and no usage fees. We don’t require you to share any financial information with us or require you to share a percentage of your earnings with us. 

Marketing Freedom

Franchises require you to use their marketing and promotion strategies. You lose the chance to target your own specific audiences and be creative with your marketing. A generalized marketing strategy may not be specific enough or even geared toward your target audience. No one knows your community and clients better than you! We allow you to use your own marketing techniques and find what works best for you.

Decision Making

Most franchises require you to follow a strict set of rules. Get your products from their approved providers, follow their treatment guidelines, and more. When you purchase a FloSonix device we are there to offer advice and support but allow you to make your own business decisions. You choose your own vendors, branding, and destiny. 

Take your head lice removal clinic to the next level with the FloSonix system. Get all the best parts of a head lice franchise and the best in head lice removal devices. For more information visit our website or call us (704)-214-0314!

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